2022 WTMC Board Candidates

Meet the Candidates Event


Hello WTMC Members, the West Tapps Nominations committee would like to present the 2022 board candidates.  This year we have three chairs to vote in for the next two years.  Please read through each bio written by each of the candidates below.  We will be holding a Meet the Candidates events online on October 20th at 6:30pm, where the membership can ask questions of each of the candidates before voting via absentee ballot or in person at the annual meeting on November 8th.  If you have any questions you would like asked of the candidates at the Meet the Candidates event, you may either ask them at the event in person or email them in advance to nominations@westttapshoa.com.  Please ensure your emailed questions arrive on October 19th at the latest in order to be given to the moderator.


Kim Scott

Kim and his family have lived in the area since 2005.  He has served on the board for the last 6 months of 2022.  Twenty years ago, he was President of a smaller HOA board in Kirkland.  Now retired, he worked in Information Technology building accounting systems for major organizations for 35 years.  He brings this experience in accounting, IT systems and project/property management to the board.  His goals for the community are to:

                1. Catch up on the deferred maintenance as outlined in the Reserve Study;
                2. Ensure our financial systems are accurately reporting the financial status of the HOA;
                3. Upgrade our park / greenbelt maintenance and facilities;
                4. Squeeze maximum value out of every dollar of dues.

After ignoring the problems of the HOA for several years he has reached a point in his life where contributing to the community is a priority. He feels we must leave the common property in better shape than when we bought into it.



Lenny Owen

Hello neighbors! 

I moved into the WTMC back in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the quiet streets, beautiful parks and sense of community. 

As well as meeting some pretty awesome neighbors along the way that lent out a hand or good conversations between passing. 

I am a very community focused individual and am proud to be apart of everything that it is and what it can be in the future. 

In my opinion, it is a privilege to be apart of the board, not only as a representative of myself, but as a representative of every single homeowner as well. I hope I am able to secure your vote to represent YOU, and the community at large. 




Aaron Kolar

Hello West Tapps Community,

My name is Aaron Kolar, and I’m excited to be running for a position on the board of directors for the West Tapps HOA!   I am running for one of the open positions because I believe that our West Tapps community has so much potential that just needs reenergized through our leadership, and should be second to none amongst the other neighborhoods around Lake Tapps.  I am looking forward to working with other board members as well as all in the community to achieve success in accomplishing tasks and goals set forth by the team in order to make our community the best we can make it. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I have lived in the Lake Tapps area for over ten years.  My love of the Lake Tapps community began when my brothers and I rented a house on Inlet Island. I’ll never forget spending our days canoeing and wakeboarding, and nights by the fire.  After investing in several houses, I never lost sight of the goal, Lake Tapps was the area I wanted to be able to raise my kids when the time came.  In 2016 the opportunity arose to purchase a home on Tapps Island, and we pounced.  Over the years my family enjoyed the incredible community feel that was offered. Frequent events were held such as Mighty Islander soccer and baseball games, beach gatherings, Easter egg hunts, neighborhood garage sales, boating on the lake, and all the other great memories of such a close-knit community.  That closeness of community and amazing memories is exactly what I would like to help bring to our West Tapps neighborhood.

I come from a close-knit family, because of that, a family-oriented community is important to me. That is why I chose to live in West Tapps. West Tapps has been able to deliver that community to my family.  My daughter is almost 15 years old, and attends Sumner High School.  The first year of high school has been a little overwhelming watching her grow up so fast.  Playing volleyball, attending football games, and now an official boyfriend!  Ultimately, despite struggling with watching her grow up so fast, I couldn’t be prouder of who she is becoming.  I have also been blessed with a son who just turned 13 years old, and attends North Tapps Middle School.  He is playing his first year of football on the 7th grade team, loves riding his bike and scooter around the neighborhood, and loves to help me out with any house projects I may have going on.  They are both incredible kids, and the highlight of my days. 

After my kids and family, comes our family-owned business.  I happen to come from one of those strange families where we all get along.  I run the company with two of my brothers, and we lean on our dad whom we are trying to let enjoy a partial retired life.  Our company employs roughly 100 people and growing.  Throughout my almost 25 years working for the company, I have worked my way up through many positions such as warehouse, parts delivery driver, parts counter person, salesperson, manager, and now chief operating officer.  That career path has allowed me to gain so many valuable strengths and attributes that make me who I am today.  Working in the warehouse taught me to be organized and efficient.  Parts driver taught me how to interact with people that might not always be happy.  My counter and sales experiences are where I found a way to use my competitive nature to succeed.  Lastly, management.  This is where I have learned that I cannot do it alone. To achieve the goals set forth, we all must be working towards the same goals.  Once the path is set towards our goals, getting each team member to see their true potential.

  I am a natural dreamer, and am not afraid to try to accomplish them all.  The words “family” and “community” have come up many times in what I have written.  That is because I truly believe in both.  We can achieve a true sense of community and an even better place for all of us and our families by prioritizing both.  Some of this can happen by simply bringing our community together through gatherings like the Easter Egg Hunt, Food Truck Fridays, and Movie Nights. Let’s grow this activities list with new ideas such as spring cleaning and flower planting at our parks, summer meet and greats, beach parties, and even utilizing and revitalizing our rarely used soccer and baseball fields at the Lakeridge Park by starting our own youth leagues that will rival Tapps Island’s Mighty Islanders.  With our community coming together, we will still need modernizing our park facilities, cleaning up our existing parks and greenbelts, and a way of connecting our community with a safe area along the main roads for us to be able to get from one of our many smaller neighborhoods to another within our West Tapps community. 

All of my life lessons and experiences will help me in working with the board towards our common goal of a better community. Last year we voted in some new faces with fresh ideas.  There have already been positive changes.  Please help me to get elected to The Board, so I can be that leader who helps bring our community together for all our families. Our HOA has gone stale by us voting in the same people for the last twenty years. I know I can’t be the only one wondering when the bathrooms at Jenks will be in good working order and not stink so bad! Our community has so much untapped potential!  Help me make West Tapps great again!


Brad Boushey

As a Sumner, Lake Tapps resident with roots dating back to 1958, our home is next to Lakeridge Park.

I am running because I believe our community deserves better than what we’ve witnessed over past years from our newly departed, WTMC Board & HOA Manager, it’s clear now is the time to get involved.

The community needs a positive influence for a brighter future for all our children and I know I can make a positive contribution and bring fresh perspective to the Board.

With focus on Community, Family, and Children’s Safety, I will serve with Integrity and    honesty.


After graduating from Sumner High School, I worked Summers in construction to pay for my UW expenses, starting in concrete with Perry Dionas H&B Construction curb & gutter cement work, leading to Tilt up concrete warehouse buildings & worked on the brand new hwy 167 construction between Algona & Sumner.   

More recently, Vera and I have have built 4 new homes and remodeled 5 homes, learning  valuable property development skills. With 5 of our homes located in HOA’s, active in all 5 thru volunteering with community organizations, including Board Member at the TPC Scottsdale HOA, serving on the the Landscape Committee, contracting land scape companies, looking after the selection of plants and trees, irrigation, Landscape Design and beautification of the common areas, as well as building repairs & general property maintenance.

As 4th generation farmer and helping start family owned Boushey Vineyards in Yakima valley Grandview taught me how to tend to irrigation, plants, & trees. I recognized WTMC is in dire need of solving for it’s Green Belts.

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Career work began after completing a UW Business School Degree in Transportation Supply Chain Logistics and along the way University of Michigan MBA leading to Vice President of Sales role, which has taken me around the world more times than I can count. 

Most valuable lessons I learned was just how badly the world needs problem solvers for complex problems and basic social problems in India, Manila, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, China, Korean, Japan, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern & Eastern Europe, Russia and South America, Mexico, all while managing USA destination Ports, Railroads and inland City’s.

The skill I value most is building strong family and work relationships with neighbors, colleagues, clients & suppliers.  I do enjoy building homes and property management as well.

Having built a 48’ Ed Monk Sr. Ketch Rig Sailboat in my barn on Vashon Island 1st year out of college, while holding down a full time supervisor position in South Seattle is perhaps one of the most unique accomplishment I can say I’ve experienced. Gaining a Pier 36 US Coast Guard 100ton Skipper License in my spare time, to run a weekend San Juan Island Charter operation.

Lastly, being the son of legendary Sumner High School Home Economics Teacher from 1958-1976, Norma Boushey taught me how to Love thy Neighbor and to always find the best in every one.

West Lake Tapps is very important to us, not just the house we live in, but the neighborhood and the people here.  We consider it an honor to have the opportunity to serve our neighbors and look forward working diligently for the good people of this community.

Thank you for this opportunity,

Brad Boushey

E bboushey@icloud