Budget and Reserve Study

Below you can find links to the approved 2023 budget and the completed reserve study.  Budget 2023 Approved Budget 2024 Approved Budget Note: We changed the wording on the budget summary that was sent out with the annual mailing from TOTAL EXPENSES to TOTAL CAPITAL, RESERVE & EXPENSE make it clear that the budget total number includes the Reserve Account Fund and Capital Assessment (applies to 2023 only).  Additionally, we found some errors with how we imported the 2023 numbers which we updated.  No 2024 numbers were changed.   Reserve Study 2023 Executive Summary 2023 Full Reserve Study 2024 Executive Summary 2024 Full Reserve Study For 2024 we will be contributing $100,000 to our reserve if the proposed budget is approved.  This fills the recommended 2024 100% full funding contribution and will bring us up to 50% funded by the end of 2024.  Please see the Full Reserve Study above for more information about projected cash flow and funding over the 30-year study period.  The 2024 study assumes that we are replacing fencing and gates at Jenks Park (underway) and replacing keycard systems at Lakeridge and Jenks (getting bids).  The study takes into account those expenses which will happen by the end of the year.  While the contribution amount has been approved by the board, they have not approved the study yet.  It is on the 2023 December meeting agenda.  Understanding Reserves