2024 WTMC Board Candidates

Meet the Candidates

2024 Meet and Greet


Hello WTMC Members, the West Tapps Nominations committee would like to present the 2023 board candidates.  This year we have four chairs and four candidates.  Please read through each bio written by each of the candidates below.  We will be holding a Meet the Candidates events online on October 19th at 6:30pm, where the membership can ask questions of each of the candidates before voting via absentee ballot or in person at the annual meeting on November 7th.  If you have any questions you would like asked of the candidates at the Meet the Candidates event, you may either ask them at the event in person or email them in advance to nominations@westttapshoa.com.  Please ensure your emailed questions arrive on October 18th at the latest in order to be given to the moderator.


Lorian Maddox



Hello Neighbors!

My name is Lorian Maddox. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I first came to Washington from Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1979 as a young airman stationed at Fairchild AFB in Spokane. After a transfer to Colorado Springs, Colorado, I relocated to Lake Tapps in 1989 and retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant.  I’ve seen a lot of changes since 1989.  When we moved here there were no stop lights, the fire department was volunteer, and there was nothing but trees on HWY 410. My daughter and son have many happy memories of birthday parties at Jenks, egg hunts, boating and water skiing on the lake.  My grandchildren and great nephews play at the same beach at Jenks and are making their own memories of this special place.  Of all the places I have lived and travelled, I’m convinced there is nowhere better to live than right here.  

I’ve been a realtor since 1993 and a Managing Broker at Windermere Lake Tapps since 1915. I was appointed as an interim Board Member in July. I’m running to continue the amazing work begun by the previous board. Starting at zero, they’ve accomplished so much in the past two years. I want to maintain the forward motion they worked so hard to begin and to make our HOA even better.  We still have many challenges to address.  I’m particularly passionate about our greenbelts. I want to work with State forestry experts to formulate a comprehensive plan to restore our urban forests to health.  

My time in the military and as a realtor has made me an accomplished problem solver.  I want to use these skills to continue to make our community even better.  


Lenny Owen




Hello Neighbors!  

Who am I?  I prefer not to talk about myself and let actions speak.  However, I know I am required to mention a few facts.  First, my family and friends are my main priority.  I am a people person.  Very sociable; I do well in group / team settings.  Shayna is my rock and supports me (as well as our HOA).  I am a journeyman electrician and take pride in my work. I enjoy having to be creative and solve problems.  For extracurricular activities, I love boating and am obsessed with hockey.  I grew up playing hockey and still play when I get a chance, as well as support our local team.  I have been a part of our HOA community for 11 years.   I am a very community focused individual and am proud to be a part of everything that it is. 

Neighbors’ description in 3 words: 

  • Respectful, Considerate, Logical” – Shawna Wallace (HOA Resident) 
  • “Witty, Intelligent, Generous” – Eric Alton (HOA Resident)  
  • “Community, Exciting, Compassionate” – Duane Bratvold (Former Board Member and HOA Resident) 
  • Hardworking, Proactive, Resourceful” – Shayna Reutter (Fiancé and HOA Resident) 
  • “Problem Solver, Conscientious, Hard Working” and “Lenny is such a breath of fresh air! He continually is the first to step up to offer his time and expertise for the community. He truly cares about his neighbors and naturally enjoys meeting them. He is so amazing at holding off judgment to listen to all opinions, then tries to find a compromise to ensure everyone feels heard. He is a natural leader who leads with kindness.” – Jenn Hornbuckle (HOA Resident) 
  • “Neighborly, Personable, Fun” – Ky Hyytinen (HOA Resident) 

My Involvement in HOA: 

I have helped as much as possible since I became aware that there was a need for support.  When they needed help with the fire pit tear down, I came to help and had a blast.  I attended the monthly meetings for over a year.   I ran for the board last year when I heard they needed candidates. I volunteered on the park committee.  I’ve helped Shayna with a few of her event committee needs.  I help neighbors at the parks when I’m down there and try to find answers for our members when they have questions.  And some of you might know me from my reviews of our Food Truck Fridays posted on the resident FB page – I try to never miss those! 

Why am I running to be on the board? 

I am running because there is a need.  It is my understanding that many are not able to serve due to time or other factors.  I do not have issues that limit my ability to volunteer and thus feel it is my duty to serve.  I understand the commitment and take it seriously.  Our community is important to me.  I also believe I can add value to our HOA with my experience and skills.  I do not desire a specific seat or require to be on specific committees, and plan to help where I am needed on the board.   

If I take a seat on the board, I promise to continue to ensure that communication remains transparent and that problems are met with solutions.  Lastly, I promise that my vote(s) will always be based on what is in the best interests of our community.   

Thank you and I hope to see you at the annual meeting! 

Lenny Owens 


Donna Grewal



Donna Grewal – A multifaceted individual, Donna Grewal, stands as a testament to the harmonious juggling act of being a devoted mother, a dedicated full-time employee, and an enthusiastic community advocate. With a heart firmly rooted in the values of family, love, and community care, Donna’s life story takes on new hues against the backdrop of her recent move from the vibrant landscapes of King County to the tranquil embrace of Lake Tapps.

As a mother of three, Donna’s life is a tapestry woven with the laughter, challenges, and boundless love shared within the walls of her home. Balancing the intricate demands of parenthood with unwavering dedication, she navigates the delicate dance of nurturing her children’s growth, imparting values, and creating a warm and supportive family environment.

On the professional front, Donna is a vital force within one of the nation’s leading third-party administration (TPA) firms, specializing in the complex arena of multi-employer benefit plan administration. Her days are filled with the intricacies of managing benefit plans for various employers, showcasing her acumen in navigating the corporate landscape while contributing to the well-being of employees.

However, Donna’s commitment extends beyond the boardroom and her home. Grounded in the belief that love and care extend beyond the family unit, she has actively engaged with non-profit organizations, dedicating her time to causes close to her heart, such as foster care, child welfare, and youth development. Her involvement in these endeavors reflects not just a commitment to community service but a deep-seated belief in the power of collective action to bring about positive change.

The recent move to Lake Tapps signifies more than a change in geography; it’s a deliberate choice to be a part of a community, to forge connections, and to contribute to the growth and well-being of the neighborhood. Donna envisions Lake Tapps not just as a picturesque setting but as a canvas upon which the colors of community, support, and shared values can be painted.

In essence, Donna Grewal epitomizes the modern woman — a dedicated mother, a seasoned professional, and a compassionate community advocate. Her journey from King County to Lake Tapps is not just a physical relocation but a testament to her belief that family, love, and caring for the community are threads that bind us all, creating a rich tapestry of shared experiences and collective growth.


Drew Stewart




Drew envisions working closely with departing board members to ensure a smooth transition and hopes to build upon the current board’s achievements. He believes in maintaining fiscal responsibility with HOA dues as a guiding principle for all actions and prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of our parks for families. 

Originally from Texas and a Marine Corps veteran, Drew and his wife, Bernice, have called Lake Tapps home since 2015, where they’re raising their two boys, aged 2 and 4. Drew serves as an Air Traffic Controller and holds the role of Vice President in his Local Union in Auburn. Drawing from over a decade of experience on his Union’s Constitution Committee, he possesses a solid understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order. 

While new to HOA board service, Drew is eager to apply his skills, particularly in parliamentary procedures, to contribute to WTMC meetings. Committed to transparency and effective communication, Drew, as a parent advocating for safe neighborhoods, sees this as the HOA’s central objective. Acknowledging the learning curve, Drew is open to the opportunity to actively contribute and promises a transparent approach if elected.