Parks Attendants openings are available.

West Tapps Maintenance Company

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Park Attendant


PURPOSE OF POSITION: Aiding the assistant facility manage in the daily operation and duties of all WTMC owned park facilities.

REPORTS TO: The Facilities Manager through the Assistant Facilities Manager daily at Jenks park.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Maintain safety, security and cleanliness of all park facilities. Routine maintenance and repair of park facilities. Responsible for updating Facilities managers on parks status.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Proven ability to enforce rules, deal assertively and respectfully with members and guests. Proven ability to take direction. Proven ability to do maintenance/repair work landscaping, work up to eight hours a day, and on weekends.


Pay: Hourly position, per hour depending on experience, part time seasonal hours.

Between the third week of may and end of September full time required.

Two days off per week to be taken during the week. Working weekends is a requirement of the job. There will be no overtime in this position.

Please Send resumes to

Or contact 253-891-2729 for more info!