WTMC Candidate Nominations

2023 WTMC Candidate Search

Every year, the West Tapps Maintenance Company membership votes to elect board members to serve for a two-year term.  This year we are looking for candidates to fill four positions.  If you are interested in volunteering for a the WTMC Board of Trustees, please fill out the Nomination form linked below.  Please review the governing documents and guidelines all board members are expected to uphold.

Nominations will run until September 22nd.  After, candidates will be invited to an interview with the candidate committee.  If accepted as a nominee, the candidates will submit a picture and a short biography for publication on WTMC communication sites.  A few weeks before the annual meeting, a meet and greet will be hosted to allow the nomination candidates to introduce themselves to the membership and answer any questions in a panel discussion.

Board members will be elected at the annual meeting. A full description of the process list outlined below.

Please direct any questions to nominations@westtappshoa.com.

Click picture below or this link to fill out the nomination form.

Reference Links:

WTMC Public Documents

Candidate FAQ

The online form will email your submission to the nomination committee, and allow for a downloaded PDF of your submission results.

Printed Applications are also available at the WTMC office upon request. 

Printed applications may turned in at the office in person or may be scanned, then sent to nominations@westtappshoa.com.


WTMC Candidate FAQ

Each year there are a lot of questions regarding the logistics of our annual meeting. We hope you will find the following information helpful in understanding how our election process works at this point in time.

What are the expectations of a board director?
The main responsibility of a board director is to represent the homeowners of the Association. Board positions are “at large” and do not represent specific areas of the Association.

Directors are involved in determining community standards and implementing related policy with regards to how the CC&Rs are interpreted and enforced, attending the monthly board meetings, approving building permits, and other duties outlined in the Bylaws.  Each director is also expected to abide by the WTMC Code of Ethics.

How can I become a candidate?
If you wish to run for the board, you need to be a property owner in the Association in good standing.  As per WTMC By-laws, a nomination committee is to be formed at least 45 days prior to the annual members meeting. The nomination committee is appointed by the board of trustees and consists of three people, one of which must be an active board member. The nomination committee will send out a survey to members for nomination.

Once the results are returned, the nomination committee reviews the candidates and schedules a virtual brief interview with them using Zoom or Teams.  Accommodations may be requested if a remote interview cannot be performed.  Once the interviews are completed, the nomination committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each board chair position to be elected at the forthcoming annual meeting. In addition to the candidates elected by the nominating committee, any incumbent trustee desiring to run for re-election will also be on the ballot for the election.

If a member wishes to have their name printed on the ballot as a candidate without participating in the nomination process, they will need to submit to the board, in writing, a nomination petition.  The petition requires signatures of at least 5% of the membership in good standing, 20 days prior to the date of the annual meeting. You must also provide the members property address in addition to a phone number or an email address.  The information provided will be used to validate nomination.

If you are a nominee for the ballot, you must provide the following below, date to be determined, however you will be notified ahead of time.

  • Candidate statements – this will be printed in the voter packet that is mailed to the membership and will be placed on the WTMC website.  The statement must be a maximum of 400 words.
  • A headshot photo showing only the candidate may be included. If included it will be placed on the web site, but not printed in the election packet. Photos will be scaled to approximately 2×2 inches.
  • Other than the photo, no other graphics or images will be allowed. The default WTMC website font and size will be used for all candidates.
  • Candidate statements may contain a single URL, which will be set up as a link.
  • All candidate statements will be posted on the website at the same time (or as close as technically feasible).
  • Once posted and printed, candidate statements may not be amended.
    • If a candidate desires to withdraw, WTMC will strikeout the withdrawing candidates name with pen on printed ballots if they have already been printed. Additionally WTMC will post a notice of withdrawal on the WTMC website.
  • At the bottom of each candidate’s page there will be a disclaimer stating, “The information was provided by the candidate and content on any linked site is not managed or monitored by WTMC. The WTMC, to include the Board of Directors does not endorse any candidate.”
  • WTMC does not manage, nor endorse any nomination candidate campaign. 
  • Candidate must familiarize themselves with the rules pertaining to campaign materials, such as signs.  Please see Article 2, section 12 of the WTMC bylaws, RCW 64.38.034, and Pierce County signs code enforcement. Each candidate is responsible for their own campaign, campaign materials, and is accountable for all HOA, city, and county regulations.
  • The Nomination committee hosts a candidate forum.  The candidate forum is to allow each candidate to introduce themselves and read their candidate statement.  This allows the members to meet the candidates and ask questions of the candidates.  The candidate forum may include an in-person meeting and virtual meeting.  The candidate forums are held about 3 weeks before the Annual Meeting.