Introducing the WTMC 2022 Board Candidates

Hello West Tapps Neighbors!

The WTMC Nomination committee would like to introduce the new 2022 board candidates!   A virtual Meet the Candidates event will be held October 20th at 6:30pm via Zoom where home owners may ask questions of each candidate.  Be on the look out for the invitation to meet our prospective board members!

The board will have three seats coming up for election this year.  This is your chance to ensure our HOA is moving in the best direction.  Please vote via ballot set to arrive in the annual news letter, or in person at the annual meeting at the New Hope Community Church on November 8th.  We encourage everyone who can to attend the meeting!

If you have any questions you would like asked of the candidates at the Meet the Candidates event, you may either ask them at the event in person or email them in advance to  Please ensure your emailed questions arrive on October 19th at the latest in order to be given to the moderator.

Learn more about each candidate in the link below.

Aaron Kolar

Aaron has lived in different Lake Tapps communities for over 10 years now.  Originally, living on Inlet Island for a couple of years when he was younger, he knew that this was the area he wanted to be able to raise kids when the time came.  Eventually, Aaron moved to Tapps Island in 2016 where his two children enjoyed the incredible community feel at Mighty Islander soccer/baseball games, beach gatherings, egg hunts, neighborhood garage sales, and all the other great memories of such a close-knit community.  That closeness of community is exactly what Aaron would like to help bring to our West Tapps neighborhood.  Aaron believes our community should be second to none, including updated parks and greenbelts, fun organized activities, and the safety of our streets where our kids should feel safe riding bikes around the neighborhood just to say a few key points.  Aaron will lean on his experiences as a leader and local business owner, as well as his time as chairman of two different counsels representing fellow business leaders from across the nation.  Those experiences along with his positive attitude and the ability to get along with anyone, are all strengths that will drive him to represent ALL of us in the West Tapps community.  Aaron promises to do this not only for our community, but most importantly our kids that call West Tapps home.


Brad Boushey

Greetings WTMC Homeowners Association Members, My name is Brad Boushey and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for a position on the WTMC HOA Board of Directors. I’m looking forward to working as a team with the board members and volunteers in an effort to continuously make WTMC HOA a great Community to live in. For those of you who don’t know me, we have lived next door to the Lake Ridge Park for 5 years.  As a Sumner/Lake Tapps resident with family roots dating back to 1958, I was born and raised in Sumner where my Mother taught Home Economics at Sumner High School for 20 years and Dad Owned Sumner Farm & Building Supply until 1974, where McLendon Hardware sits up on main. My wife Vera and I have 4 beautiful children, we enjoy walking the neighborhood to Bankers Park, Boating, Skiing, Tubing, Paddle Boarding in Lake Ridge Cove, Golfing and Wine & Food Tasting. Having grown up with the families of Lake Tapps early founders & developers I was positively impacted for life by these bigger than life pioneers who believed in creating future opportunities for Lake Tapps families in search of a community with a common vision for a brighter future for their children. I am running because I believe our communities extrodinanary history of strong Family & Neighborhood Values deserves to be protected and preserved through a positive influence from the WTMC Board. I plan to focus on Community, Family and Childrens Safety, all while protecting and keeping our water ways & parks clean and safe for our children to play, swim, ski, paddle board and kayak from our parks, coves and channels. Lastly, being a 4th generation farmer and helping start family owned Boushey Vineyards in Grandview & Red Mountain has taught me how to tend to landscapes, irrigation, plants, & trees, which I recognize WTMC Green Belts & 3 busy parks are in need of help. If you want to help finish the goals we started, please vote for me in the next WTMC HOA Board of Directors Election!


Kim Scott

Kim and his family have lived in the area since 2005.  He has served on the board for the last 6 months of 2022.  Twenty years ago, he was President of a smaller HOA board in Kirkland.  Now retired, he worked in Information Technology building accounting systems for major organizations for 35 years.  He brings this experience in accounting, IT systems and project/property management to the board.  His goals for the community are to:

            1. Catch up on the deferred maintenance as outlined in the Reserve Study;
            2. Ensure our financial systems are accurately reporting the financial status of the HOA;
            3. Upgrade our park / greenbelt maintenance and facilities;
            4. Squeeze maximum value out of every dollar of dues.

After ignoring the problems of the HOA for several years he has reached a point in his life where contributing to the community is a priority. He feels we must leave the common property in better shape than when we bought into it.


Lenny Owen

Hello neighbors! 

I moved into the WTMC back in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the quiet streets, beautiful parks and sense of community. 

As well as meeting some pretty awesome neighbors along the way that lent out a hand or good conversations between passing. 

I am a very community focused individual and am proud to be apart of everything that it is and what it can be in the future. 

In my opinion, it is a privilege to be apart of the board, not only as a representative of myself, but as a representative of every single homeowner as well. I hope I am able to secure your vote to represent YOU, and the community at large.