We  had an incident at Bankers Spit on Thursday evening 12/16/21 involving an individual by the name of Kirt, who identified himself as Jesus and approached park patrons, including reaching out and grabbing the arm of  a woman. The man in the picture below is not a member of WTMC. He drives a black Mazda 3 with a broken window. He is well known to police. If you see him or the car, we suggest DO NOT APPROACH him. He is mentally ill and he is not known, as far as we have been told, for being violent. If seen and looks suspicious call BLPD or Pierce County Sheriff. But with that said, under the new WA it is best to NOT APPROACH HIM. This is the first time we have ever posted a photo on our webpage for this type of incident, but we felt it was prudent to provide as much information as possible in case you do encounter this individual.