Architectural General Information

West Tapps HOA has two sets of Covenants and Restrictions which govern the development and activities that are allowed on any specific parcel. In addition, West Tapps HOA has a sign policy detailing the use of signs within the community. If you are a Real Estate Agent and want to know how to utilize your signs within the community, please contact the main office.

Before starting a project, please take the time to contact the main office to find out which set of Covenants and Restrictions may apply to your property. We will be happy to help locate and/or provide this information.

If you are planning to initiate any type of clearing, tree cutting, building activity or home business activity, please contact our main office prior to the start of your project. There may be some requirements and/or useful information surrounding the type of activity you are planning. We are here to help.

Contact us:
Phone: 253-891-2729

Fax: 253-891-6877

Greenbelt Information

Some lots have owner-maintained greenbelts.  If you need to know if you have an owner-maintained greenbelt, please contact the office.  Additionally, there are approximately 33 acres of WTMC owned and maintained greenbelts.  Here is where they are located: